Virtual Communities

another week is over again, some more meetings being held and it was again some hero in those meetings „The Community“. It’s everywhere and especially the advertiser in those days now tries to sell that „great“ and „innovative“ „interactive“ idea – The community must be interactive, web2.0 and digital. Why? Did those guys forgot what they did some years ago? Most of them are in the age where you think as some guy in his early 30s – „hey this CEO, CCD or whatever those guys titles are – must know that time, where they working on somthing strong, something lasting and something with content“. Where is it now? They talk about convergence in communication and ideas – they act like being lost in a world. It’s just how content flows, what has changed, not the content itself. It’s not the communication it’s the brand itself. Based on this fact rethink your digital strategy. Does you product has a community already? Is there a fair chance that you could help to form and unite a not yet known community – FORGET ABOUT BUILDING YOUR VIRTUAL COMMUNITY IF YOUR BRAND EVEN DOES NOT BRING PEOPLE TOGETHER.

Myth #1
A brand community is a marketing strategy.

The Reality
A brand community is a business strategy.

Harvard Business Manger 05.2009, p. 12 article by Cornelia Geissler

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