It’s not funny at all – but if you are reading the most DONT’S of management and business engineering it’s like a theatre copy of some wellknown play everybody has seen before. It’s not that we know that times like this, where you read everyday about new bad news that it can surprise you, that your company won’t be hit as well. As well as all the others. Of course there are enterprises which won’t survive at all and those times just speed up the darwinistic death BUT not all. Why don’t the leaders cope with the facts, especially because they never come without a sign and prepare fpr the upcoming hard times. Is already christmas – some are still wondering. Everything will run well, the crisis won’t hit me…FUCK IT…if a certain part of the environment get’s hurt you will feel it as well. If you can claim you business to be perfect running and everything is best performing – great job. If not get prepared – EARLY! If you didn’t prepare – make the best and I mean the BEST to get prepared and build a solid fundamental defense in your business, a defense that is flexible and strong for the demand of the market. Focus on your strength even more and leave the weaknesses. If you are lucky enough to still be able to react with a restructed business model, you are on the lucky side. Take this chance and lead with new ideas to a successful future. For your company, the staff and yourself.

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