Everybody has a Smartphone in those days. Google Maps and pedestrian navigation has become daily business for all of us. Some already use location based services to tell their friends where they are and recommend places for others. I also like collecting badges on Foursquare and hope that i will be able to save some of thos achievements in the upcoming-next-application.

Mobile Advertising will rise within the next years. Some interesting figures for the expected growth in that market.

What i am curious about to know, is how this will change the business within the media-business and who will provide the first solution to connect audiences through devices to solutions and relevance.


I’ve always seen social media as a strategy for corporate communication. It’s to sensible and to interactive to just be added to regular bulk media. This media is best-of to demonstrate and to proof wether marketing takes their brand serious and trusts in their own ability to talk truth.

At the End it was a great idea – American Apparel…

I like that overview of some of American Apparel’s Ads of the last years.

Of course, everybody know today, the product and the whole story was a wanna be BUT it worked for quite some years now & so at least it was a great idea of some crazy guy who lived his dream. And i would say a big one.

Flavorwire » American Apparel’s Downfall: A Tale in 10 Ads via @AddThis