Everybody has a Smartphone in those days. Google Maps and pedestrian navigation has become daily business for all of us. Some already use location based services to tell their friends where they are and recommend places for others. I also like collecting badges on Foursquare and hope that i will be able to save some of thos achievements in the upcoming-next-application.

Mobile Advertising will rise within the next years. Some interesting figures for the expected growth in that market.

What i am curious about to know, is how this will change the business within the media-business and who will provide the first solution to connect audiences through devices to solutions and relevance.

iPAD for new media

Real innovations are in no way a copy or me-too. If a device is a real innovation it will force its environment to change, to adapt that new thing and bring up new ways of usage and benefit nobody thought about at the first moment.

Therefore the question will be – is the iPad innovative enought to bring up more than displaying the same websites on a slick and new screendevice?


One of the things that people say an awful lot about the Apple Mac is that the OS is fantastic, that it’s very graphical and easy to use. What we’ve tried to do with Windows 7 — whether it’s traditional format or in a touch format — is create a Mac look and feel in terms of graphics. We’ve significantly improved the graphical user interface, but it’s built on that very stable core Vista technology, which is far more stable than the current Mac platform, for instance.”

— Microsoft partner group manager Simon Aldous

An inaccurate quote has been floating around the Internet today about the design origins of Windows 7 and whether its look and feel was ‘borrowed’ from Mac OS X. Unfortunately this came from a Microsoft employee who was not involved in any aspect of designing Windows 7. I hate to say this about one of our own, but his comments were inaccurate and uninformed.”

— Windows Communications Manager Brandon LeBlanc


How to face the crises? Agencies meet the crisis, disruptive ideas for the downturn economy. Agencies with their creativity are right now kind of stucked in making a decission to generate some revenue for keeping the numbers right. But in most cases they just do the same stuff they did before, just for less money, delivering more output for the same money or trying to deliver solutions that are now especially focussed on the ROI of enterprises. Wow – new learnings – what we did then deliver our clients before?

From my perspective the situation is quite clear. Especially in a tight economic situation like today you need to focus on the essential benefit you deliver to the market. Not making up some new market niches or new solutions just because the everybody has less to spend. From the agencies perspective they still have production capacities that are not used and that are still doing their great work they did before. The agency they worked for stands hopefully for an USP they worked for in the past to become a serious partner for companies in a special field and for a special service. Why you like to shift your business model in such a crisis? Generate more costs internally, invest more time for selling this new services and taking the risk of failing with this? If it is all about tight budgets on the client’s side and a not fully used capacities in the agencies meet in the middle.

I just recently found the following project by Crispin Porter + Bogusky what hits the nail on the head:


A great example of facing the situation on the clients‘ side and execise a real understanding of the situation. Sharing the risk for both sides in terms of a market-demand-pricing and use your core experience establishing a trustworthy partnership with the clients you support with that model within this challenging situation and if you are really a great agency you still make good money with approach.


Funny weeks passed by and you come home thinking was that once we thought before, created before and struggled presenting this ideas to some old fashioned Creative? I recently found a quote by Bob Lord from Razorfish that really helped me realising the time changed.

„We respectfully suggest that what you say — or your agency says — about your brand or your product
matters less than what your customers say about you. And what matters most to them is what your
brand does.“



Sometimes there are days, where you just find youself asking: „have i been here before?“. In those days this feelings come up nearly every day. What has happened the last years in the field of advertising and the reflection of what happens in the digital media – seems to be not recognized by a lot of people you might think this is THEIR GODDAMN BUSINESS – THEY SHOULD KNOW.

Most agencies, even the ones working in the field of DIGITAL donnot reflect the full impact of situation on a global scale. What i mean is not that they are not aware of using the right technology or building great application. I donnot judge any business models behind the different agency models. I am not talking about classic or digital. Of course a lot of the big players just act like a headless chicken, now in times where their loved Million $$$ budgets are frozen or shifted and new income streams need to be generated.

From my perspective the core is around the following questions:





I think this makes out most of the questions need to be solved quickly and transparent in every enterprise, as the digital world, especially for agency models on all different levels, is more than a medium to connect people with brands. It’s a medium that also connects people with ideas and streamlines product development of services and digital products.

To make it simple, for what does a client needs an agency if the consultants (in most cases they where called contactors) fluctuate every 1,5 years and with them the agencies knowledge about the client and their market position.

For what does a client needs an agency if 80% of the work is done by freelancers?

For what do you need a partner that you pay 100000 $ for a service, where you know he spends 60000 $ in his office rent?

For what do you need all this, if you find solutions from people offering the identical services 2 clicks deep from google for half the price? The ONLY CAPITAL in the digital world is knowledge, experience and creativity. Machines and plants are over – i thought it’s over since 10 years but it seemes that a lot of so called smart guys still think it’s like in industrial world. Believe me – this time IS OVER! Opensource and Opencreativity is the way enterprises in this field need to reflect in their business models.

Hockeystick charts are over!

One dimensional thinking is over!

I-know-everything is over!

We-are-big is irrelevant!

Content and ideas are relevant!


Working in agencies for now more than 10 years let’s you hear some real bullshit. By all parts.

The accounts donnot understand what the idea is about and what technology is needed to bring that idea to life!

Creatives have a great idea but donnot accept any changes need to make a static idea to an interactive tool.

Here i found some good hints, not new but interesting to remind oneself, that helps each part of the game to gain competency:

Read and Listen.


Economy is going down in all differemt areas.As written some weeks ago it’s the time where good models will be proven and bad ones fail.

Slimming down companies is the first think a lot of fat managers are doing. But what’s then? Most of those entities where build and grew because of big margin business. The time is over.

It’s not only about slimming your staff because this is the brain and clockwork of your company. In most cases MDs are just some Senior inventory you put out to client’s to maximize the margin.

Most of them donnnot even add any $$ in the cash. This is where to start, i think. Who is really running profit – for the client and for the company itself. You cannot afford any efforts that are not

focussed on the quality of the product to be deliverd. Check this – I think the solution will be SLIMMANAGEMENT.

It’s like some hundred years ago. Who needs any kings that even fail to protect the folk – NOBODY – turn it around, SHIFT business, SHIFT Minds and be CREATIVE again. Whenever, whereever, for whatsoever!

Nielsen: Mommy bloggers – the ones to watch

Mommy bloggers are an online force to be reckoned with, and their numbers are rising both in the online shopping world and across social media. Nielsen has recently published a list of what it considers to be the top Power Mom bloggers.

by Helen Leggatt

More about:


I know, in the past everything was better and easier. But in some ways this really i correct.
Web2.0 is in everybodies marketers mouth and even i though that this trand is already on it’s way out of some BUZZ it really took off after 2006.
But where are we today.
It’s great talking about virals, seeding strategies and UGC but most people donnot know anything about the consequences.

#01 Virals are no cheap at all – If the impact of communication is defined somehow like: (idea*media-reach)*affinity(audience) it’s quite obvious where the bottle kneck really is. If you donnot like to spend in big media the idea needs to backup all media in terms of creativity.

#02 There are no boundaries in viral ideas – uhhh donnot even think you are making an easy deccission and a chilling 9to5week just running some virals and UGC with your agency. You need to check-check-check and control. Check1-is the content being uploaded political correct anf following the legal terms? Check2-is there content that could inflict someone’s legal rights in terms of ownership? Check3-is your seeding really working and are you using the right processes for establishing word-of-mouth? Check4-how i the managed seeding working?

#03 Be open in how you brand will be interpreted by your audience.

#04 Check Control Rework – Find good explanations for your Boss.


It’s not a claim it’s a real philosophy.

Do Stuff – Do it!

In those days of economic turmoils you really see great management in action. There can be chances even in those dark days. See the M&A activities by some of the biggest investment entities.

But in most cases you see in the eyes of some managers and you see the pure desillusion and inability to manage!

If you see this don’t stop beliving in your vision. Donnot stop because the others are afraid of doing the wrong and end up doing nothing!

DO STUFF – There is no better time!


NETVIBES and other featured platforms in these days really give you the chance to make yourself the webpilot. Forget about the market fights around the portalpages of the user like all the Yahoos and TOnlines fight.

It’s about you again. And you choose.

The main trigger of this is the measurement of your own relevancy. So why should everybody tell you, what is important or at least of any interest for you. Nobody can without you. So make yourself the webauthor of your content. It’s great how content sydication leads to a first personalized approach that is really personal.

YOU switch on…

YOU decide which content is relevant

YOU collect your content

YOU share your media with other or the whole world

YOU decide to…

…You switch off