Bring it on….!

I really like sailing and the actual americas cup shows the possiblities what will be possible when all participants grant themself a minimum of rules. Although this race doesn’t have to do anything with classical nostalgic sailing anymore (not this year) it really brigs out great ideas and capabilities to build something new and fast, really fast. Those boats will hit physics this year and we will see if the one with the highest risk (see the Wing of the Oracle) will really make the race.



This year the engines were started again. I had the pleasure to come once again to the 24h race on the Nürburgring. This time no DiscoSchlorle and no around the night drinking ;-)

I will update you with the nicest spots after reenergizing and working on some tweeking.

Thanks to the guys who made this a great day again! Christian, Alex, Murat, Stefan, Sascha, Marco, Jürgen, Judith – NExt Year again pls!