Nielsen: Mommy bloggers – the ones to watch

Mommy bloggers are an online force to be reckoned with, and their numbers are rising both in the online shopping world and across social media. Nielsen has recently published a list of what it considers to be the top Power Mom bloggers.

by Helen Leggatt

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WEB 1,2 and now?

Working in the agencies‘ world doesn’t mean you are uptodate in marketing and the latest technology, as i find out more and more. Of course nobody is perfect and you just know what your sources tell you. I mean knowing more in an global view. As a marketer not knowing about banner and browser? come on…it isn’t that hard and even more important, even as a classic marketer it’s is not that far away from marketing…oh sorry…let me tell you that: if you donnot know about this elements yet you won’t be able to manage anything in your business in the very very close future, because you will be gone. That’s reality, that is ife. Be quick or be dead…like iron maiden said.

You really need to talk to your audience and then the audience talks to you. That also is the same in real life. Oh i forgot to tell all you internetistechnologyandnotunderstandable-thinkers…it’s allways easier to understand digital communication as real-life communication. It’s nothing really new, the only thing that’s new is that you are not limited. Everything is possible and therefore it is more creative than anything you have seen before. Take a minute or better a day and take a look in what digital can do for you and what it already does for your customers or your competitor.

Start talk to your audience, to your clients again!