Working in agencies for now more than 10 years let’s you hear some real bullshit. By all parts.

The accounts donnot understand what the idea is about and what technology is needed to bring that idea to life!

Creatives have a great idea but donnot accept any changes need to make a static idea to an interactive tool.

Here i found some good hints, not new but interesting to remind oneself, that helps each part of the game to gain competency:

Read and Listen.


It’s not a claim it’s a real philosophy.

Do Stuff – Do it!

In those days of economic turmoils you really see great management in action. There can be chances even in those dark days. See the M&A activities by some of the biggest investment entities.

But in most cases you see in the eyes of some managers and you see the pure desillusion and inability to manage!

If you see this don’t stop beliving in your vision. Donnot stop because the others are afraid of doing the wrong and end up doing nothing!

DO STUFF – There is no better time!


It really sounds strange but as we all asked ourselves how can it happen that all are doing the same SH*$$T? How comes that the stock market crashes just by a sudden, a traffic jam just occurs on quiet emty motorways, on a two lane traffic lane only one lane is stucked with cars and the other is emty.

It’s always the same, people need some sort of guidance in the first place. We follow the convention because if there are more thinking the same it makes sense on the short term to follow those. Whistle blowing is some fact that definiteley works for mass-activatio. The critical point is always the critical mass. We donnot trust one unknown entity but in most cases we trust a bunch of individuals seeming trustful and real.