Bring it on….!

I really like sailing and the actual americas cup shows the possiblities what will be possible when all participants grant themself a minimum of rules. Although this race doesn’t have to do anything with classical nostalgic sailing anymore (not this year) it really brigs out great ideas and capabilities to build something new and fast, really fast. Those boats will hit physics this year and we will see if the one with the highest risk (see the Wing of the Oracle) will really make the race.

What’s now AGENCIES?

After being out of that Classic agency i really have only very little interest of what’s going on inside those „Classic Creative Fortresses“.

Digital Business is becoming even more interesting and i think the future will show if the old players understand their role in the changed media environment and does this environment even need those partners anymore?

Facebook Marketing Goes to the Super Bowl

Facebook setzt weltweiten Siegeszug fort