How to face the crises? Agencies meet the crisis, disruptive ideas for the downturn economy. Agencies with their creativity are right now kind of stucked in making a decission to generate some revenue for keeping the numbers right. But in most cases they just do the same stuff they did before, just for less money, delivering more output for the same money or trying to deliver solutions that are now especially focussed on the ROI of enterprises. Wow – new learnings – what we did then deliver our clients before?

From my perspective the situation is quite clear. Especially in a tight economic situation like today you need to focus on the essential benefit you deliver to the market. Not making up some new market niches or new solutions just because the everybody has less to spend. From the agencies perspective they still have production capacities that are not used and that are still doing their great work they did before. The agency they worked for stands hopefully for an USP they worked for in the past to become a serious partner for companies in a special field and for a special service. Why you like to shift your business model in such a crisis? Generate more costs internally, invest more time for selling this new services and taking the risk of failing with this? If it is all about tight budgets on the client’s side and a not fully used capacities in the agencies meet in the middle.

I just recently found the following project by Crispin Porter + Bogusky what hits the nail on the head:


A great example of facing the situation on the clients‘ side and execise a real understanding of the situation. Sharing the risk for both sides in terms of a market-demand-pricing and use your core experience establishing a trustworthy partnership with the clients you support with that model within this challenging situation and if you are really a great agency you still make good money with approach.