We will go to Mexico without a strange feeling. After H1N1 turned to a pandemic level, there’s no reason not going to Mexico anymore ;-)

The Trip takes us to the Top of Mexico Mexico City (25 Mio.), Merida, La Isla de Holbox and Cancun.

Photos will follow soon!


Economy is going down in all differemt areas.As written some weeks ago it’s the time where good models will be proven and bad ones fail.

Slimming down companies is the first think a lot of fat managers are doing. But what’s then? Most of those entities where build and grew because of big margin business. The time is over.

It’s not only about slimming your staff because this is the brain and clockwork of your company. In most cases MDs are just some Senior inventory you put out to client’s to maximize the margin.

Most of them donnnot even add any $$ in the cash. This is where to start, i think. Who is really running profit – for the client and for the company itself. You cannot afford any efforts that are not

focussed on the quality of the product to be deliverd. Check this – I think the solution will be SLIMMANAGEMENT.

It’s like some hundred years ago. Who needs any kings that even fail to protect the folk – NOBODY – turn it around, SHIFT business, SHIFT Minds and be CREATIVE again. Whenever, whereever, for whatsoever!