There’s a german saying that many cooks to not really improve the dish…but sometimes the world is diefferent to a kitchen and the not all humans are chefs.

It’s fantastic how many of different people with different ideas are improving outcome for thinking BIG IDEAS. Yea here we go again – the BI.

What is behind that…maybe we need to leave the ideal world of one solely samurai fighting down hundrets of opponents just because of his genius and forethinking mind like Miyamoto Musashi described. Even there are interesting points to compare that attitude with daily situations even in a peaceful economy it’s a underlying and not yet used potential in connecting to a waste amount of minds.

You cannot know everything and most of the time you find your own ideas being thought only halfway. Here you can really use direct feedback, open discussions and real brainstormings to put together fragments to a house. Especially people from outside the original task are more than helpful to reflect specialized ideas from the user’s view. Some guy said, if the engineers were leading development of infrastructure we would walk underneath the most perfect gas-lamps but even today there wouldn’t be electricity.

What does that teach us? Think – Rethink – Ask – Talk – SWITCH