WEB 1,2 and now?

Working in the agencies‘ world doesn’t mean you are uptodate in marketing and the latest technology, as i find out more and more. Of course nobody is perfect and you just know what your sources tell you. I mean knowing more in an global view. As a marketer not knowing about banner and browser? come on…it isn’t that hard and even more important, even as a classic marketer it’s is not that far away from marketing…oh sorry…let me tell you that: if you donnot know about this elements yet you won’t be able to manage anything in your business in the very very close future, because you will be gone. That’s reality, that is ife. Be quick or be dead…like iron maiden said.

You really need to talk to your audience and then the audience talks to you. That also is the same in real life. Oh i forgot to tell all you internetistechnologyandnotunderstandable-thinkers…it’s allways easier to understand digital communication as real-life communication. It’s nothing really new, the only thing that’s new is that you are not limited. Everything is possible and therefore it is more creative than anything you have seen before. Take a minute or better a day and take a look in what digital can do for you and what it already does for your customers or your competitor.

Start talk to your audience, to your clients again!

WEB 1,2,3 – Web 2.0

A lot of companies think they sould integrate their clients with web2.0 applications on their website. So they are creative and communicate via guestbooks, blogs and other nice things where the clients bring in their good voice to praise the companyies and their products. Please tell us what you think, as long as it is positive and needful for commercial usage.

Web 2.0 goes more beyond tis point. It’s not about voting for some nice girl becoming the next topmodel, or the emplyee of the week. It’s not about opening a blog to the world in the hope everybody loves my company. It’s about giving Users interactive-solutions that are useful and collecting the company data to optimize their products. It’s a closed loop, and this is all about it.

Some TV-Stations think to build up communities might boost their netwrk value, because a lot of kids and wannabe models bring in their personal lifes. Building up Sedcards and voting for other’s pictures and videos. Good start but what’s up then? How these profiles work together with the other profiles already collected in the company? what are the objectives? what is the follow up?

To make it simple the most answers are like:

1) "What’s up then?"

2) "They will be merged in some way, no idea but we merge…"

3) Boost the revenue…because every user generates 10 pageviews and this is what we are selling…"

4) "we send out a personalized newsletter…"

These are just 4 points but I think the situation is clear. There is so much more to find out about your clients and serve them with real valued services than you think in the first moment.

Exchange open ideas before you start with a community, a blog or something else sexy interactive. Integrate the different units in your company to get their point of view.

Define clear understandable and measureable objectives.

Make a cleat Timeline also keep in mind that the technology wouldn’s start with all ideas from the beginning. Expand the solution one after the other.

Collect the ideas and discuss them openly with a service/technology supplier.

You as a marketing professional know best about the cutomer/product situation

You the engineer know best about product performance and highlight features of the products

You as the Solution-Provider know the way of realizing ideas within the state of the art technology!

You the client knows best how you really use the products…some are buying toothbrushes just to clean their bike’s spokes…

Be open to new ideas, to new ways and bring it together in a definitory roadmap!

A roadmap pins down the main objectives for the whole project. The milestones for the different production stages.

Make one step after the other and never stop thinking!

Shifting the Perspective

It’s done – i finally made my shift. Not only in one dimension but in more.

I moved from the south in germany to the very north. Hamburg is the city of choice and after a week i just started to feel like HOME. Yes it’s weird, no mountains no snowy slopes in winter, but my snowboards in the basement. The city is great – or better seems to be graet and i will keep you guys on track. New photos, new stories…

Also i changed my Job perspective. From websites to marketing. Back again. I really enjoyed the deep work on flash and CMS again, web2.0 really kicks in right now, so i am also glad to realize a project for a big TV-Show based on the individuality of web2.0 content. Integrated Users, individual custommade content, etc. The whole box of interactive state of the art. Interesting will be the migration of TV viewers to this plattform. Let’s see, i guess therefor i should contact my collegue.

Now i am in Hamburg, let’s see what i can do here. It really seems to be more data-driven business as in the last 6 months. But everything looks pretty interesting right now. cross fingers to keep it like that.