Viral Marketing – trust your brand

The last pitches were all about the same thing…we want something new, something big something cheap – guess what came out next the client’s mouth…yes blogs, viral campaignes, etc. Most Clients still think they can have a big innovative impact of their marketing message without spending anything. I donnot talk about solely money. It’s also paying the agency a big amount of trust, time and support.

Trust on the thinking of viral campaignes – trust in that the Brand’s value is the biggest value for the agency

Time on preparing qualified stories and concepts – time for the preparation really saves budget and deficits in the impact of the campaign. Think twice before you act once!

Support for strengthen the campaign – Support not only means supporting the agency but also your inside units to push the project’s ideas inside the client’s organisation.

Viral marketing is all about focusing on a strong message framework that combines the trust and shining of a strong brand. The only thing you need to do is setting up your marketing tools. Use the right direct channel (Email, Mailing, Word-to-Mouth) and control the resultsout of your doing.

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