DESIGN OR | AND the way of communication

It’s allway fascinating looking at all the billboards and TVAds around in those days. Creativity and rubish quite close, within a secaon – within a day you find million of $$$ spend in rubbish nobody considers to be nice and movies, pieces of art that are "senseless" – where is the message? where i MY benefit? i donnot know quite often but what i know is donnot want to miss those ones that really touches me. I donnot care if the the storybook is creative and the production reflects a certain creativity…the sense. Marketing is the art of communication to you customers therefore what is the art of communication?

it doesn’t need to be the neat design you find at ligne roset or porsche. Sometimes it can also just be the simplicity that works. in performance marketing concepts you meassure and calibrate all input variables as long as the result is the best and most efficient logic and system of communicating the brand’s benefits. It’s somewhat like excercising like a master to smoothen the movements and learning to think like your opponent would think, acting like your opponent would act. That the art of war. It is art to optimize the swing of the club or the bottom turn in a wave. You are excercising and sanding a rough shape, a piece of wood, a piece of hard-foam. Think about your customers and your competitors and you know where to shape, beveling, smoothen or just work on the mechanism of communication.