Speak a clear language

What is the matter of communication? The answer as in many cases is quite simple – speak more clearly!

The main factor on communicating your products and services is about a clear statement on what you are selling. If you are asking for your way in a foreign area it doesn’t help you if somebody tells you to go "ahh maybe you should try it down this street and i guess em i think then on the left you follow…" BULLSHIT!

You want to have a clear statement and advice where to go. This is exactly the way consumer react in a the marketing-world. Internet Marketing gives you great tools for optimizing your own knowledge about the right way.

  • Structure you product’s position
  • Formulate a clear benefit
  • Formulate a clear product/service price

Only a clear communication will be understand by your prosps. The real potencials look for information and a clear guideline for their buying decision. Why are you reading this post? Because cebes | blog helps you in your communication strategy. Is that clear?


Now summer finally is over. The days are getting shorter and the rare warm days will be the few for the next couble months. Sunflowers are allways for me the end of summer, but we have the boards ands mountains to survive the cold season ;-)

NO Politics here…

I know, this is definetly the wrong place for politics. But right now we get stucked in a really interesting situation. Here in Germany 2 weeks after the main election for the chancellor. It is kind of symptomatic what happens here. We have a close result with the right conservatives in front, but not enough to sart a contructive reign for the next years.

Search Engines | YES-YES or a NO-NO

Search Engines are the most powerful Tools of the last years. Not just the prefered tools of users in the world wide web but also for filtering and searching offline content.

Especially when it comes to Search Engine Marketing you have the power to reach the audience that’s looking for solutions of day in day out problems and challenges.

But how do you communicate your benefits to your target group? Search Engine Marketing is more than google Ad-Words an so you need to think in wholly biger context. What do you have to offer? Who is your individual on the Searching-Side? What do they look for?

Concept and the real strategic testing sourrounding is the basic of restainable success.


it’s not just about paid Search Ads.

Search Engines are so called organic results (formely influenced by the good ole META Tags) and Paid ADs (Watch Googles right side!!!). Only the combination of both in tight and straightforward concept are giving you freedom and safety you need for the future. Be quick and close to environmental influeces and events with paid Search Ads…be contant and present in the organic Search..


  • You need to make yourself clear about USP and the your underlying Marketing Concept and Brand Philosohy
  • Create informative Content that really help the people looking for solutions
  • Integrate your target Group within the concept of text and the website’s concept
  • Think in the dimension of your target group for PaidSearch Ads
  • Be open minded and innovative
  • Think further than present

Search Engines can be the Marketing Power close to your prospects but if you don’t work out clear your budgets and targets you spend money for nothing, and believe me Search Engines are quick, so watch your $$$.