IAA | the new car-story

The IAA is more than just a car-show…i love out of more reasons than just seing the new cars that will hit the road within the next months an the one which will never make it out on the road. Those concept ideas are way more innovative to get made for use soon, what a pitty.

IAA | Ferrari F340

But also you need to take a look at the icons of car manufacturing. Porsche, Ferrari, Aston Martin, Rolls-Royce.

The mini concept | Minivan

Mini Concept

Concept Minivan

Concept Minivan

PARIS | 39,9

I just came back from Paris and this time, after a long break i made it in summertime. I already loved the city in winter, although it was freezing cold and wet down to the skin last time i was there. But it’s even more beautiful in summer.

We stood in a small hotel in the 15the arrondissement, close to the eiffel tower. So the walk was quite a long to the city and for shopping, but quite a stonethrow away from tracadero and the eiffel park…

La Defense is turing to get a new face within the next years i think. They are really starting to made that place up again and invest some money in new housefronts and cleaning up some of the ruins. Don’t get lost on the supway-roadsystem.

But we had a great and relaxing time in Parc de la Vilette in the North-East. Niceplace to get the green touch of the city…worth vistiting on a hot day!

The Pictures will follow up soon…so stay tuned!